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A wide variety of polymer materials, with the advantages of convenient processing and molding, low raw material cost, very suitable for mass production, currently the most widely used, COC and COP have good optical and chemical properties, but the price is high; PDMS materials can be moulded with silicon or SU8, which can be easily and quickly formed. The main difficulties of polymer chip processing are micron high precision forming, surface modification, low temperature bonding, heterogeneous integration and quality control.

Most used polymers: PDMS, COC, PC, PET, PS, COP, PEEK

Capability of polymer chip injection molding


Precision Processing Capabilities

Hicomp’s new material more large-scale precision processing system, combined with precision and super precision processing and forming, breakthrough the limitation of the micro-nano processing of silicon materials, can be in polymer, glass furnace, ceramic sapphire and metal substrate to produce the high quality of structure and components of feature sizes for micron grade, the surface roughness can be Dana level meters.

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