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Clean room injection molding

Hicomp production base has 730 square meters of 100,000 grade clean injection workshop, the second production base has 5000 square meters of production workshop, daily production capacity of more than one million pieces. Our engineering and technical team has mature expertise in the field of injection molding. We select materials such as PP, PC, COC, COP, PMMA, PS and so on according to the function of customers' products, and consider the compatibility of dimension design and equipment, standardization of production and packaging, robustness and cost of manufacturing process. Propose various solutions for time and environment and interact closely with customers to optimize products and achieve economic and efficient production. Hicomp team provides relevant design documents to assist customers in medical or IVD product registration.


Industrial automation

According to customer requirements, Hicomp provides intelligent manufacturing solutions for medical consumables with semi-automation (automatic control and automatic devices are used for part of the production, while manual machines are used for the production of the other part) and full automation (including all processes in the production process, including loading, unloading, loading and unloading).


Quality Control

Hicomp has established a strict quality management system and passed the ISO9001,ISO13485 certification to ensure high quality delivery of customers' products.


QC equipment

  • Scanning electron microscope
  • Jens confocal microscope
  • Olympus white light confocal microscope
  • Optical profilometer
  • Online visual inspection


  • The risk assessment
  • Functional application QC
  • Micron level of optical and mechanical metrology
  • Material properties
  • Surface profile at nanometer resolution
  • The CAQ system
  • CAPA management