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Micro Molding









Pipette Tips

Low CV Accuracy, Low Retention.
Made of medical-grade polypropylene.
RNase/DNase/Pyrogen free.

Microplate Series

Made of medical grade polypropylene with high chemical stability.RNase/DNase/Pyrogen free.
Our well plate is suitable for multichannel pipettes and automatic equipment.

PCR Series

RNase/DNase/Pyrogen free
Made of medical-grade polypropylene with high chemical stability, ultra-thin wall and extremely fast temperature transfer, which is transparent for easy sample observation.

Cell Culture Series

Pyrogen/Endotoxin free.
High transparency and pure polystyrene,which is suitable for cell/tissue suspension/adhesive growth.

Virus Sampling Tube

Made of medical-grade polypropylene
High(121℃) and low(-80℃) temperature resistance
Conical bottom design for centrifugal and oscillation resistance

Customized Medical Consumables

Manufacturing services for disposable medical and testing supplies for global customers,from development to mass production.

The unique combination of micro- and nanotechnologies, different materials, microfluidics and MEMS knowledge and customer application knowhow

Since 2014
 we have transformed from a parts supplier to a comprehensive lab-on-a-chip product development and manufacturing partner

Our 40,000 square foot microfluidics foundry in Suzhou contains 3 different clean rooms from class 100,000 to class 1,000, which are fully equipped to reach the ever-increasing high technical qualifications.
Our R&D team has decades of experience in design, process development and fabrication. 

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